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Beautifully landscaped yard with manicured lawn

Lawn Care Services Salt Lake City

Modern wooden home with landscaped yard

Zero Emission Residential Lawn Care

We have a passion for zero emission lawn care. All our equipment is battery powered and solar charged, including our vehicles, which are equipped with solar panels to charge our equipment.

We take care of your lawn with zero emission and low noise.

Mowing – Trimming - Edging

We provide weekly, bi-weekly or one-time mowing services. Our lawn care professionals can advise you what kind of service will be ideal for your lawn.

Leaf Removal

We remove leaves from your yard throughout the fall and offer cleanups in spring. We only use electric leaf blowers and/or manual rakes. We make your yard look nice and clean, without overusing leaf blowers. Whenever possible, we use rakes to minimize top soil erosion and to avoid big dust clouds in your neighborhood.

Did you know that a two stroke leaf blower emits 23 times the carbon monoxide and 299 times the hydrocarbons compared to a 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Crew Cab pickup truck? [EET]

Wheelbarrow with leaves and rake
Gloved hands holding mulched leaves

Leaf Mulching

Leaf mulching is the practice of chopping leaves into small pieces. Mulching can be done with a lawn mower or a leaf shredder.

Leaves on the lawn can smother and damage the grass. But rather than blowing them off the lawn, we advocate mow-mulching leaves. Mulching the leaves on the lawn has many advantages: It reduces noise and greenhouse gases. It also enhances the health of your yard. The shredded/mulched leaf material creates valuable compost, which enriches the topsoil. Leaf mulching also limits spreading dust and contaminants into the air and saves you time and money.

Read more about benefits to leaf mulching.

Commercial Lawn Care

With our fully electric solar powered equipment we take care of your lawn and help reduce the carbon footprint of your business

Modern office building with maintained green lawn

Ready for zero pollution, zero noise lawn care?

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